Backed by a $14.9 million, three-year grant awarded in 2012 from the U.S. Department of Labor, Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges expanded and enhanced their programs to close the skills gap in advanced manufacturing. This grant was a result of an unprecedented state-wide collaboration between the educational systems that are working with industry groups, workforce development boards and more than 50 businesses.

Statewide Goals:

  • Reduce the skill gap to meet employer needs by expanding and enhancing advanced manufacturing training. The consortium committed to train 2,657 individuals in two years.
  • Develop systems that help align employers, colleges, workforce development, job centers and industry within districts.
  • Expand and improve existing adult manufacturing career pathways
  • Expand college’s capacity to provide short-term training to meet immediate employer needs.
  • Develop new models of technology-based aptitude assessments and career appropriateness.
  • Improve consortium colleges’ ability to identify and award credit for prior learning/experience in defined pathways.
  • Provide supplemental instruction through use of technology.